May 27, 2009

William A. Lehnerd


Our beloved Uncle Bill passed away as a result of his courageous battle with terminal brain cancer. The cancer which was diagnosed in October of 2008 greatly weakened him and eventualy claimed his life.

He was an extraordinary man who played an indispensible part of our lives.  His loves which included dance, musical theatre, the symphony and the arts in general were passionate.  His involvment in the arts and the community were vital to their growth.

He will be sorely missed by all of us.

Stephanie gets kudos!

Stephanie Lehnerd who is now in her second semester at BC3 has enrolled in the BC3 robotics program.  Her goal is to complete the program with honors and enroll at Carnegie Melon University of Pittsburgh.  Stephanie is very intelligent and hard working. She will undoubtedly be successful in all of her endeavors.

Samantha steps out on her own!

Samantha Lehnerd just 18, has moved to Olympia Washington to keep her cousins new wife company while he is deployed in Iraq.  Samantha is recently employed as a customer service rep for Verizon


Christina Enrolls at BC3

Christina Lehnerd who has been caring for an elderly friend of the family for the past two years has decided to move forward in her adult life and pursue higher education.  She has enrolled at BC3 with a rigorous courseload in elementary education.

She plans to achive a triple major which includes elementary education, math and spanish.  Her goal is to become an educator.

She has the drive and compassion to be a wonderful teacher and will bless the world with her contributions.

December 23, 2009 Lehnerd.Net Gets new robust servers:

After several months of struggling with a failing system we have moved to a new more robust server.  Hopefully this will be the end of the occasional complete rewrites of the Lehnerd site.  Wish us luck as we start from scratch just one last time.

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